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Our San Antonio foundation repair contractors have repaired thousands in the most active foundation repair in San Antonio, Texas.
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Foundation Repair Services Offered in San Antonio TX and the surrounding Suburbs

                  * House Leveling San Antonio
                  *Pier and Beam repair San Antonio
                  *Slab repair         
                  *  Mudjacking
                  *  Basement walls replaced          *  Slabs raised
                  *  Waterproofing                         *  Floors leveled
                  *  Drain tiles                               *  Beams installed
                  *  Swale                                     *  Retaining walls repaired
                  *  Sump pumps                           *  Crack repair
                 *  Grading                                    *  Epoxy work
                 *  Tuck pointing                            *  Exterior drain systems
                           *  Settled walls & chimneys underpinned
                           *  Settled walls & chimneys releveled

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House Leveling San Antonio

House leveling is the process of lifting a home as close to its original state as possible Leveling a home is one of the various forms of foundation repair in San Antonio
A home that is sinking at one place or multitude of spots more than likely has structural problemsHouse leveling will undoubted fix the foundation problems, however, the source of the problem must also be addressed in ordered to prevent the damage from reoccurring in the future.
Foundation erosion, structural damage, volatile soil condition problems, under-slab plumbing leaks, poor exterior drainage and intrusive tree roots all can contribute to a sinking home or sagging, uneven floors. It’s important to also correct these issues before house leveling is performed to ensure a more permanent solution.

what is mudjacking

Mud jacking, is also called slab jacking, concrete lifting, and slab leveling, is a repair process that is one of the best ways of repairing a number of settlement issues with the concrete at your home or business. It's the process of lifting concrete slabs that have settled and is sinking, buckling or has some form of damaged. In order to repair that damage mudjacking is preformed by drilling holes through the concrete. Then a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement called mud or slurry is pumped beneath the settling slab to lift it. The mixture cures to create a solid, stable fill that stabilizes the slab back to its original height.
When used to repair a settling home foundation, mud jacking is a professional job that requires using special equipment. All work should be done by a trained contractor, who has expert knowledge of local soil conditions and what it takes to repair the soil or lift it to its correct state.

Reasons Why People Choose Mudjacking
Mud jacking work can be all year around and in any weather conditions
Mud jacking is a fast process especially compared the rip-and-replace approach where the contractor breaks up the concrete.
Mud jacking is also easier on the environment since there is no cement to dispose of.,most the time the work is finished in one day.
Mudjacking allows you to use it nearly ASAP. For example,mud jacking can be completed in as little as a 3 hours.
Using the mud jacking process protects your home’s curb appeal because its installation usually causes no damage to the lawn.
The slurry on average takes between 24-48 hours to cure and fully setup before bearing weight or any heavy weight loads.
By contrast, It takes new or replacement concrete at the very least 28 days to set and be available for use.
While every situation is different
Mudjacking is more cost effective than ripping out the concrete and replacing it. Because less work needs to be done for mudjack the cost is much cheaper and more budget-friendly.

Mud jacking can be done using two different methods:
  1. Raising Interior Floors: Often the interior of slab foundation sinks or settles. Mud jacking is one repair processes used to lift the interior floors to their original starting position. Mud jacking to lift the interior floors is preforming by  drilling 2″ holes through the slab in the areas that have settled and pumping a mixture of slurry underneath the concrete, lifting the slab back to position.
  2. Fill Voids: House sinking problems are usually caused by the outer perimeter of the foundation settling. A contractor will level settled sections with push piers. When the piers are installed under the perimeter grade beam and the foundation is raised, it creates a void under the slab. Mud jacking fills the empty space beneath the footing created by this lifting. The foundation contractor uses mud jacking to fill this void by drilling 2″ holes through the perimeter grade beam and pumping a mixture of soil/cement mud into the void.
Mud jacking is used for rising or leveling most of the concrete at your home such as decks, patios, porches,  basement, walkways, garage floors,  driveways and car ports.

A solid foundation is the key to having a structurally sound house or commercial property. While cosmetic cracks can occur anywhere, you must get these inspected to ensure they are simply cosmetic -- and if they aren't, you must get the cause of the cracks fixed immediately. If you wait, the damage could become bad enough that repairs are no longer an option. The foundation repair experts at our San Antonio location will evaluate the problem thoroughly, give you the details about what is happening and why, and give you an estimate in writing.
The good news is that most foundation issues turn out to be relatively minor. If the cracks indicate more than just cosmetic damage -- which we can fix, too -- the issues are usually along the lines of improving a drainage system or removing a tree with roots that are starting to affect the foundation.
Keep an eye out for these signs if you want to stay on top of foundation problems in San Antonio: 
-Cracks forming in walls
-Doors that become difficult to close or that suddenly can't be closed
-Pipe leaks
-Floors that take on a slight slant 
If your home rests on clay soil in the San Antonio area, it more than likely does because this type of soil is very common in the region then your home is especially susceptible to foundation problems due to the expanding and contracting nature of the clay soil.
Terrible drainage around most homes in San Antonio is really common which helps to create many foundation problems which leads t major damage to your home and/or property. 

It's crucial that you call us for an FREE inspection if you think that something is going wrong. 

Cracks in your home or your foundation may mean that have a foundation problem. Especially when the cracks appear around doors, windows and in your brickwork

Are you seeing signs of foundation problems around your home? Common structural problems in homes with slab foundations include: cracks in walls, doors or windows that stick, and cracked or uneven floors.
Over time, untreated foundation damage will get worse, resulting in more extensive and expensive repairs. If you have foundation problems, it’s important to take action as soon as possible, the longer you wait the worse your foundation problems will become.

We will arrive on time with a skilled appliance repair service technician and a well stocked truck ready to troubleshoot and repair all your foundation repair problems:

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Warning Signs of Pier and Beam Foundation Problems

The most common warning sign of a pier & beam foundation problem is usually a floor problem. It may be bowing or sinking in places, slanting in one direction, or showing floor gaps or other damage. Or it could be creaking excessively. But the warning signs are not limited to the floor.  Below is a short list of items that commonly alert the homeowner about a foundation issue with this type of foundation.

·         Floors – bowing / sinking, sagging, flexing with weight

·         Floor coverings – tiles that crack, wooden floors with gaps, creaking

·         Interior Sheetrock Cracks – indicates movement

·         Doors / Windows – stick or won’t open and close properly – indicates movement

·         What are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pier and Beam Foundations?

Advantages of Pier and Beam Foundations

·         More Stability in Clay Soils when constructed with drilled piers that reach stable soil

·         Lower Repair costs – Crawl space allows easy access to foundation components, wiring, and plumbing

Disadvantages of Pier and Beam Foundations

·         More complex and expensive to build than concrete slab foundations

·         Cold weather can freeze drain pipes

·         Lack of ventilation can lead to musty smells

·         Susceptible to termites, rodents, wood rot, and mold

·         Flooring costs can be higher

·         Flooring tends to flex, which leads to creaky floors

Cost of Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

The good news for homeowners is that the cost of pier and beam foundation repair is generally much lower for pier and beam versus concrete slab foundations. The primary reason for this cost

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair San Antonio

Many homes built before 1960 are built on pier and beam foundations. Sometimes these foundations are called “block and base” foundations but they are a little different. Both were very common construction methods before concrete slab (slab on grade) foundations became popular with home builders. The two earlier foundations include a “crawl space” – the space between the home / structure and the ground. We also offer pier and beam or block and base foundation repair.

Why you should call an expert
There are 60 different kinds of soil types in Texas, each with their own unique properties when it comes to moisture retention, expansion, and plasticity. Having a the right company that knows these soil types is extremely important. And can make the difference between having to pay much more than what is need and having to pay just the right amount.

Keeping your home stable is always going to be an issue as long as you live in the great state of Texas. That's why you need the best contractor or companies to help you when your home is sinking, leaning, or in need of lifting. It is always best to get a few estimates before you choose who you are going to trust with your must priceless possession which is your home. 

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